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Virtual Training Sessions

Too Busy for the Gym? Check out Virtual Training Sessions With Body by Fleur

In terms of fitness, virtual training sessions are a revolution. They provide anytime access to a fitness trainer and workout resources, which is especially helpful for NYC residents who lead busy lives and do not always have the time to commute to a traditional gym.


One company offering virtual training sessions is Body by Fleur, which was created by former Olympic skater Fleur Maxwell. Designed with the specific needs of busy elite athletes in mind, Body by Fleur combines elements of cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance training and does not require any special equipment. Work out anywhere and at any time!


Fleur creates tailor-made personal training plans and offers virtual training sessions to suit every lifestyle and fitness level. The program creates long, lean muscles without bulk, and improves mobility and muscle memory. This proven methodology allows participants to change their body shape and still skip the gym.

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