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" Fleur helped me reconnect with my body when I didn’t even recognize it - after birth. I gained 17kg and lost it all after 5 months thanks to Fleur. Her innovative and exciting workout routines helped me feel motivated all while regaining the strength and shape I had lost. I would recommend the amazing  Body by Fleur method to any new mom! "

- Sara from @theivorydiary

 "Fleur's method is the perfect combination of strengthening muscles, improving posture and toning all the right areas. I love that it's low impact and adaptable to my body.  As a busy professional in New York City, I rarely have time for myself so Body by Fleur's in-home method really makes "me" time much more convenient. I highly recommend working with Fleur and learning her method"

- Jean Chou from @jlclaw

It only took one class for me to get hooked. A clever and intuitive combination of cardio and strength, I was amazed to see how each set is suitable for every fitness level (from beginners to athletes), and yet makes you work up a sweat. You can feel a difference in your body and mind after each class. Fleur’s method is proving that toning and sculpting exercises can be fun and effective at the same time.

- Liz from @lizthegreenspirit 

Fleur's method is refreshingly fun, new, and invigorating but most importantly effective and result-oriented. After just 15 sessions I have already seen a huge difference in my body, I look and feel toned and strong. Fleur pays attention to what my body needs every time and adjusts each workout accordingly. I have definitely discovered micromuscles I had no idea were there and I grow stronger and more flexible each time! For me it has been a lifestyle change and one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

- Maria  from @mademoiselle_delta 

"I started exercising with Fleur and her unique fitness method four months ago. My experience so far has been only positive. After struggling to find a proper training for my body structure, BodybyFleur was the best surprise in my fitness routine. Lean, flexible and toned body has been since then the target, nothing to do with these „bulky“ and heavy „fit“ bodies, that we usually see around. The results started being visible already after few sessions and my body started getting re-shaped. Fleur is an amazing trainer and person that inspires me to continue."

-Zeta Kathiotou

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