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I was born and bred in Luxembourg, a beautiful little country in Europe.  As a child, I tried many different sports and activities but as soon as my blades hit the ice at age 9, figure skating stole my heart.  Skating became my life and the one passion I knew.  I was able to travel the world, work with top coaches, meet amazing people, experience life as an elite athlete and represent my country at the Olympic Games in Turin -- it was a dream come true.


Unfortunately in 2017, due to an invasive hip surgery, I was forced to end my 20-year skating career.  It was my worst nightmare at the time and one that athletes often dread.  I felt lost and struggled with my under-performing body, questioning my skills and value.  How could I no longer compete?  What was my identity if no longer a figure skater?  I was forced to deal with this life-changing obstacle and in turn, began to struggle with deeper issues around body dysmorphia and low self-esteem as a woman.


In time, I began to hone my workout routine at each stage of my recovery.  I slowly started to view my body in a more positive light.  This was the vehicle that supported 20 years of my passion -- I had a lot to be grateful for.  After a year, countless pages of self-reflection and support from my loved ones, I realized I'd stumbled on an opportunity for a new chapter.  I started to view my ability to recover from the physical, emotional and mental suffering of career loss, body issues and self-value as a strength instead of a setback.  I realized that with enough perseverance, hope and drive, that I could craft my own path.

And so -- Body by Fleur was born.

This method is not only personal to me, but it's become my lifestyle.  It gave me movement when my mobility was limited, balance when I lacked stability and grace when all I did was stumble. Most importantly, it gave me hope for a better future.


This is the chapter I'm grateful to share.


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How ex-Olympian overcame her ‘major identity crisis’ and became an entrepreneur

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  • Do I need to be an athlete or have previous experience to do this work out?
    No! Body by Fleur is for everyone at every fitness level. It is a highly effective at home full body work out regiment.
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