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Personal Training Classes in New York

Personal Training Classes in New York Include Body by Fleur Program

For those people searching for, "fitness classes near me" or personal training classes in New York, there are a multitude of options. There are dance fitness classes, small group yoga classes in studios, or large cardio and kickboxing classes in some of the biggest gyms around town. None of them offer the individualized experience that Body by Fleur classes do, however.


Created by former Olympic ice skater Fleur Maxwell, Body by Fleur is a total-body, low-impact fitness program that incorporates elements of cardio, strength training, and balance and flexibility work. The program sculpts and tones all over, creating lean lines versus bulk. Body by Fleur was designed to be suitable for everyone, no matter their age or fitness level. Fleur recently moved to NY from Luxembourg, so city dwellers can now participate in her personal training classes in New York.


The Body by Fleur program was created to fulfill a need Fleur herself had. As a professional skater, she traveled constantly and did not always have the proper equipment available for her workouts. She needed a routine that would meet the needs of her entire body, including balance, flexibility, strength, and of course cardio.


In 2017, a hip injury that required surgery forced Fleur to retire, but she relied on her trusted method of working out for her recovery. The workout regimen drastically improved her mobility and overall health, and she found a new calling to share it with the rest of the world.


Body by Fleur truly has an option for everyone looking up, "fitness classes near me" in NYC, from group workout classes to individual training sessions and pop-up workouts. Fleur even offers her signature workout method through corporate wellness programs, fitness retreats, and virtual training sessions.

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