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Body by Fleur Program Introduced by Personal Trainer in New York

When searching for "personal trainer near me," or "personal trainer in New York," a new-to-NYC name may pop up: Body by Fleur.


Body by Fleur is a low-impact, full-body fitness program created by Olympic figure skater Fleur Maxwell. Fleur spent 20 years skating professionally and competed in the Winter Olympics in Turin, but a hip surgery ultimately ended her career in 2017. Her workout regimen helped her to recover and regain mobility, and got her through body consciousness and self-esteem issues, so she created Body by Fleur to help others in the same way.


The former Olympic athlete just moved to the United States from her home country of Luxembourg and is now a personal trainer in New York. Fleur is offering her 50-minute Sunday Detox group workout classes, which were popular in Luxembourg. This class makes sweating fun and sculpts the entire body with low-impact exercises. All participants need to bring is exercise shoes and water.


Designed for people at any stage of their lives and of any fitness level, Body by Fleur is designed to improve muscle memory and sculpt a toned, lean body. The program does not require any special equipment and consists of a combination of cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility training. Fleur emphasizes the importance of the mind/body connection and the feeling of empowerment and strength through her workout plans.


In addition to the Sunday Detox fitness classes, Body by Fleur also offers customized private training sessions, performance coaching for athletes, fitness retreats, and virtual training sessions, all using Fleur's signature workout method that will tone and sculpt.


If Body by Fleur pops up after searching, "personal trainer near me," check out a group fitness class, visit a pop-up workout event, or contact Fleur for an individual training session.

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