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Fitness Retreats

Body by Fleur Brings Performance Coaching to NY

Although neither of them are new concepts, performance coaching and fitness retreats have both been buzz words in recent years.


Performance coaching is a fitness training program that's generally designed for high-level athletes. These programs are generally intensive and comprehensive, involving both fitness and nutrition training, as well as a strong emphasis on proper movements and form.


On the other hand, fitness retreats are exactly what they sound like: retreats, or vacations, that center around fitness or overall well-being. This type of travel seeking to improve one's health dates back to the 18th century, when people would travel substantial distances to bathe and heal in Europe's famous mineral baths.


Now that these concepts have defined, the question is, what do performance coaching and fitness retreats have in common?


Body by Fleur, recently brought to the US from Luxembourg, offers both services through a unique proven methodology. Former Olympic skater Fleur Maxwell is the founder of the program, and she created it specifically to meet the distinct needs of elite athletes who are constantly on the go and have a need to challenge their entire bodies in a workout session. Fleur was forced into retirement after 20 years of skating professionally due to a hip surgery, but she relied heavily on her many years of training for her recovery, and Body by Fleur was born.


The program offers customized total-body performance training to its participants, combining flexibility and strength training with balance coordination work and cardio, and there are both individual or group sessions to choose from.


The Body by Fleur fitness program can also be incorporated into fitness retreats. In fact, it's ideal because there is no need for any equipment at all, and the program is suitable for everyone, regardless of their stage of life or fitness capabilities.

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