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Body by Fleur

Strengthen Gracefully 

Fleur Maxwell 

Olympic Figure Skater 

I spent 20 years of my life as an elite athlete, training and competing worldwide. I created my low impact / full body workout method to help me as a skater but also as a woman to strengthen gracefully and feel good in my body. 

Body By Fleur

Strengthen Gracefully 

Body by Fleur is a transformational full body fitness method with longevity at any stage of your life.  The method is curated to enhance your muscle memory, training your muscles to think collectively to elevate your coordination, strength and balance.  The end result is designed to achieve a toned, graceful and lean body without the bulk.  It’s truly for everyone -- beginners to elite athletes.  All are welcome. 

Get started on your own journey today and become a part of the Body by Fleur community. Contact me for an individual or group session, join my mailing list and stay connected. 

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