HIT Workouts

HIT Workouts With Body by Fleur in NYC

There are many fitness methods or classes that come and go as trends, but one proven method that has managed to withstand the test of time is HIT, or High-Intensity Training. HIT workouts have been around since the 1970s and involves training repetitively to completely exhaust the muscles, which results in muscle memory and a leaner profile.


While there are numerous choices for fitness classes, choosing the right one is critical. Body by Fleur offers targeted HIT workouts as well as group fitness classes in New York, and they can be customized for individual needs. Founder Fleur Maxwell is a former Olympic figure skater who spent 20 years as an elite athlete skating professionally, and she created the Body by Fleur method to meet a challenge many elite athletes face: the need for a full-body workout without the use of special equipment that works out every part of the body.


The Body by Fleur program combines cardio, flexibility, strength, and balance training to offer that full-body workout. Because of the program's adaptability, it is appropriate for everyone, no matter their age or level of fitness expertise, and no equipment is necessary -- just sneakers and water! Participants have a wide variety of options and can choose to take private individual HIT sessions, group fitness classes in New York, or even virtual training sessions.


Body by Fleur is unique in that it does not create bulky muscular profiles that are so commonly promoted with fitness programs. Instead, the combination of targeted HIT sessions and balance and flexibility training creates long, lean muscles and a more svelte physique. Participants have commented specifically on how their bodies have never been so lean and that the Body by Fleur program methodology truly changed the shapes of their bodies.

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